Born in Berlin in the late 1970s, Thomas Lange aka DJ Dister witnessed the development of Hip Hop culture after it spread from the birthplace of Hip Hop, New York, to Europe through films such as Beat Street and Wildstyle.
Inspired by this, Dister quickly knew what he wanted to do and have been working on DJing since childhood.
He began collecting records in the early nineties and got his first DJ gigs at the end of the nineties, which quickly became more and more. His special style and his ability to musically respond to the people made his fan base grow fast and gave him gigs in the most famous clubs in Berlin.

In 2006, he became resident DJ at the then newly opened Cassiopeia Club, which he helped to make it a well known place for Hip Hop around the world, with his fellow Born 2 Roll Crew members, through their more than ten-year long series of events entitled Born 2 Roll.
With more than 1000 guests per night, Born 2 Roll was the most successful series of its kind.
He organized concerts for well-known Hip Hop artists from all over the world, which gave him very good connections and influence.
The success of this concept helped him throughout Europe to become one of the most-booked Hip Hop DJs of the time.

Dister adopted video mixing in 2008 and was the first Dj in Europe who played whole nights completely filled with video mix shows. After releasing his 60-minute video mix DVD in the same year, it helped him gain prominence even overseas.

but all that was not enough, he wanted to produce his own music, so he started to deal with the production and released his first album “Roll Wit Dis” a few years later in 2013, with a Line up filled with legends like KRS One, Kool G Rap, Masta Ace or the Lords of the Underground, it was one of a kind and loved by enthusiastic fans from Japan to Australia.

Followed by other albums like “Consistent Knockouts” and “The S.O.S. Project “with Detroit Hip Hop legend Phat Kat, as well as other award-winning productions for other artists, DJ Dister is constantly working to expand his discography.
Many more projects are planned and some are already in progress.